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Shaina's Garden

a focus on healthy living

Hosted by Northwest Tap Connection, Shaina’s Garden is a Health, Nutrition and Fitness Program designed for children age 18 months to age 7. The program provides education and experiential learning that is inclusive of: 

  • Health Education

  • Healthy food choices 

  • Healthy food preparation

  • An emphasis on Fitness

  • Garden planting and harvesting

  • Understanding Food Equity


A response to COVID-19 - Feeding Families in 2020

Since March 2020, Shaina's Garden answered a call-to-action by providing food to families from the South Seattle area and beyond on Sunday afternoons.  During COVID-19, they continue to provide food with support from ( what other organizations give food).   Shaina's Garden is open to all, serving vulnerable families.

Your donations will help Shaina's Garden continue to serve this community through the holiday season at a time where many families are affected by COVID-19 and social unrest.

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